Senior Series - Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Vertical Unit

Performance that Resonates with Owners

Intelligently quite choice

The Senior Water Source Heat Pump soundly provides thermal comfort, efficiency and class leading acoustic performance.

Whether building loop or geothermal the Changeair WSHP delivers efficient comfort, providing the optimum teaching evironment.

Two stage compressor, integrated ERV and EC fans allow the Senior unit to balance comfort, performance, and efficiency for a serene classroom environment.

The Series is available in a standard or optional IQ package. Optional features may include power relief fan, energy recovery and/or hot gas reheat configurations.

  • Unmatched Sound Performance - With available Sound Power Data from an accredited reverberant Labratory, NC 30 classrooms are a reality
  • Flexible Applications - HVAC performance suitable for classrooms, office spaces, gyms, workshops and meeting rooms
  • High efficiency unit - Energy recovery wheel, EC Fans, COP, EER and Economizer efficiency options
  • Many Heating & Cooling Choices - Hot Water, Electric, Hi Efficiency Gas, Water Source Heat Pump
  • Easy service - All components are designed to facilitate maintenance, which ensures a long reliable operation
  • Building Management System BMS- Select Factory Standalone or networked BACnet controls, Controls by Others, or simple DDC terminal strip
Non-Compressorized Vertical Unit

Download the Senior Series - Water Source Heat Pump Datasheet for detailed information.