Freshman IQ Non-Compressorized Vertical Unit: The Intelligently Quiet Choice

Non-Compressorized Vertical Unit
Intelligently quite choice

The Sound Leader for Classroom Ventilation

You expect precise thermal control, great quality and value.

Changeair Freshman surprises with superior sound performance options with the Intelligently Quiet design.

The Freshman IQ offers the most versatile air handler solution for quiet, comfortable and healthy indoor environment. It offers a rich resource of road tested designs and configurations with a near unlimited ability to customize both cabinets and internal options.

Standard features such as: frame cabinet construction, front door maintenance access, and many configurable options make the Freshman incredibly versatile.

The Series is available in a standard or optional IQ package. Optional features may include power relief fan, energy recovery and/or face and bypass damper design, high efficiency gas configurations.


Intelligently quite choice

The Freshman vertical classroom air unit is designed for compatibility and flexibility. The Freshman is available with supply air capacities from 700 to 1,800+ CFM.


To meet your ventilation needs a Freshman ventilator unit can be configured with a variety of heating and cooling coil packages.

Optional Package

  • Face and bypass damper design
  • Energy Recovery Wheel (ERW) available with one relief 450 CFM fan
  • Powered relief fan built into the unit

Engineered for Ease

Engineered for ease diagrame
Non-Compressorized Vertical Unit

Download the Freshman IQ - Intelligently Quiet choice for classroom environments Brochure or Datasheet for detailed information.