Welcome to Changeair, a division of Systemair!

Changeair (located in Ontario Canada). Changeair has built a reputation for being flexible and engineering quality products for school applications. Solving your heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues is our goal. Making the process worry free is our guarantee.

Who is Systemair?

Changeair vertical unit ventilators for classrooms

Our Vision

At Systemair, Trust is an important word that resonates throughout our organization. Systemair is committed to providing accurate technical data to our customers. Our complementing laboratory infrastructure is key to providing a wide range of testing expertise.
Our worldwide center of excellences network offers a broad range of R&D capabilities that supports our product development needs.

Our Values

Standardization is not limited to products but also - equally important - to the product development process itself. Against this background, Systemair uses a shared technology platform, shared databases and the same procedures and software for project development. In addition, this harmonization and standardization makes it easier to share and use research results across the company.

Our Commitment

Providing the building industry with safe, reliable, energy efficient products that exceed our customers expectations.

The Changes at Changeair

Changeair vertical unit ventilators for classrooms

In 2013 Changeair moved into new facilities provided by Systemair. The new plant provides significant improvements in lighting, material flow, cleanliness and efficiency. Immediate impacts have resulted in quality improvements, delivery lead time reductions and cost control. With access to best practice sharing across 22 different Worldwide Systemair HVAC manufacturing facilities, Changeair is deploying the best Global modern tools and methods available. Innovation is an important part of our business and plays a vital role in enabling us to successfully drive the evolution of our classroom HVAC products.

Significant Recent Improvements

The Systemair acoustic laboratory is designed and equipped to perform testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 300, Reverberant room method for sound and AMCA Standard 210 for airflow performance. Since the lab first earned AMCA accreditation, Systemair has worked to continually increase the lab's capabilities. This commitment to continued growth has allowed for testing Changeair units in accordance with other standards and requirements, such as AHRI 260 testing, safety regulatory agency testing like UL and CSA, vibration testing, and full power analysis. Performance Built to ISO Standard 13256-1 & 13256-2, the technical centre in Tillsonburg, Canada is home to our school classroom ventilation equipment. The Thermodynamic Psychrometric lab is equipped with 10 tons of cooling capacity and 120,000 BTU water capacity along with automated computer controlled lab software to accurately performance test heating and cooling capabilities. Changeair is producing performance data you can trust.

Our Network of Professional Sales Representatives

Across the US and Canada we carefully select and team up with reputable and competent sales representatives in the regions in which we have appropriate product to meet the territory's classroom ventilation, heating and cooling needs. The quality of people in our rep network is as important to us as the quality of our product. Our reps are kept current on product and technology through our regional sales managers and class leading inside sales team.

Introducing CLASS

CLASS Changeair Classroom Selection Software is the next step in our evolution towards being World CLASS.
CLASS, Classroom Selection Software brings all the experience and knowhow of our best inside sales personnel to an easy to use software which design engineers and Changeair reps can utilize to configure typical industry standard vertical unit ventilators for school jobs. Save time and reduce errors; for your next school HVAC unit ventilator project use CLASS to select your VUV's.