Sophomore - Air Source Heat/Packaged AC

Compressorized Vertical Unit

The Sound Choice for Classroom IEQ and IQ

When cooling is your priority Changeair offers two air to air options.

The Sophomore can be configured as an air source heat pump or simply a self contained a/c unit with integral evaporator and condenser.

Two stage compressors and easily accessible components allow the Sophomore to deliver efficient cooling year after year. With many available options the Sophomore meets and exceeds all specifications.


The Sophomore vertical classroom air handler is designed for performance and maintainability. The size of the units is specified to optimize both low sound and accessiblity. The unit is easily cleaned and maintained from the front door. The unit has a 16 gauge frame and 20 gauge skins to ensure a full product life cycle and attractive appearance long after installation.


The Sophomore provides effective heat options with air source heat pump, electric resistance, or hot water coils. If desired, combinations of air source heat pump with any of the above listed auxilary heat options or even high efficiency gas are available. Optimize your electrical consumption and when you need extra heat load, use it.

Compressorized Vertical Unit Data

Download the Sophomore - Air Source Heat/Packaged AC for detailed information.